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Deerpark Reopening Protocols


I am delighted to say that we are reopening the club tomorrow albeit with the necessary restrictions in place to keep us all safe and well.

As a reminder, I have attached the club access protocols and the playing protocols again. Please read these carefully and familiarise yourself with all the rules.

I would like to emphasise the following:

  • Please observe the separate entrances and exits to courts which are clearly signed
  • Please bring your own hand sanitiser. We have erected hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrances and exits for those that have forgotten to bring their own.
  • Avoid touching the entrance and exit gates – a short video will go out on WhatsApp showing how to open the exit gate at court 1 with your racquet.
  • When booking a court use the notes field to list all of those playing – this is to assist contact tracing if necessary. If you don’t know the players at the time of booking then delete the booking prior to play and re-enter it with all players listed.
  • Court 4 is open again
  • Bikes must be left outside the club. They can be locked to the club railings. This will allow all players to enter and exit the club through the designated gates.

We are all looking forward to playing tennis again. It is every member’s responsibility to observe all the protocols to ensure we we can play in a safe environment. As a club we have decided to allow junior members to resume play which is not the case in every club.

Please make sure that junior members are familiar with all the protocols. Failure by any of us to observe the protocols could result in having to close the club again which would be a big shame.

Finally, now that we can get back to playing tennis, I would encourage you again to pay your subscription if you have not already done so.

Enjoy the tennis!


Click here for Club Access Protocols
Click here for Playing Protocols

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