Junior Tennis

Opportunities for Juniors at Deerpark Tennis Club

Deerpark has a wide range of activities and programmes for juniors at Deerpark including coaching, leagues and matchplay. Have look at our information below and if you have any further queries you can contact us.

Junior / Student Senior Membership

€165 Annually


€465 Annually

There are lots of activities throughout the year for Junior members. These include:

  • Round Robin Tournaments
  • Pizza Nights
  • League Representation in Dublin Leagues
  • Knock out Tournaments
  • Junior Coaching
  • Summer Camps
  • Club Championships

Child Protection

Deerpark Tennis Club recognises that child protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of the club’s activities and must be reflected in all of the club’s policies, procedures, practices and activities.

Junior Coaching

In addition to developing tennis skills, the coaching team creates a fun environment so that learning tennis is an enjoyable experience.

There are three terms of coaching in a year: September to December, January to Easter and Easter to June. A quick assessment may be required before joining a group. This is just to ensure that players are matched with others of a similar playing standard.

Deerpark has two highly qualified coaches; Ciaran Redmond and Colm Murphy.

Ciaran Redmond

Advanced Coach Level 2
Tennis Ireland Affiliated
Tel: 087 915 2407

Colm Murphy

(T.I.C.A., M.I.A.P.T.)
Tennis Ireland Development Coach since 1994
Tel: 087 236 5209

Group Coaching

Under 10 coaching

We use the ITF Tennis 10s system (Red, Orange, and Green) which means modified racket, balls and court size are used to make tennis easier and fun and ensure correct technique is learned.

Our under 10s will develop hand-eye coordination skills and learn technique for Forehand, Backhand, Serve and Volley, as well as how to rally. They also learn the rules of the game.

Over 10 and Teenage coaching

Using a full ball and full size court, students will learn and practice technique for all strokes, singles and doubles tactics and skills for how to play in a match.

For details of Junior Coaching please contact Ciaran Redmond in the Club House on 01 2781 466 or 087 915 2407

Summer Camps

Camps run during July (and also at Easter) from 9am to 2pm daily and are open to members and non-members between the ages of 6 and 13.

The camps are multi-sport in nature with approximately 50% of the time dedicated to tennis and the remainder to other activities including uni-hockey, rounders, tag-rugby, soccer, basketball etc. A variety of indoor activities are also available in inclement weather e.g. quizzes, board games, group games etc.

Please contact Colm Murphy 087 236 5209 or Ciaran Redmond 087 915 2407 for further information.

Junior tennis inquiry form

To join Deerpark Tennis Club please get in touch by calling 01 276 1488, emailing info@deerparktennis.ie or by filling in the form below

Deerpark has a plan for individual junior players or as part of a family membership

Deerpark has a plan for individual junior players or as part of a family membership